September’s Member Meeting Agenda


Hope you will plan to attend our monthly meeting this September.  While I think all the meetings are worth attending, September’s meeting will be especially worth your time because of the opportunity to have a face-to-face discussion with Sharon Wirant regarding what is working well/what is causing friction between CATS and MHS.  Hope you will take this opportunity to bring your best ideas, brainstorms, dreams, and visions for how we can work together to make the MHS/CATS intersection one that works to the benefit of all!

Chris Frado asked me to share the following agenda.  If you have other items you would like to include, please contact Chris!

–Amee Abel
editor, Canine Chronicle

CATS Monthly Meeting

Sharon Wirant from MHS will be coming to the CATS Sept. meeting Wed. 9/12 at 7pm to check in with us on how things are going with the ring rental. This is a conversation to talk about what’s working well. If there are things that aren’t working, we can identify what those things are.


  1. conversation with Sharon Wirant, MHS re: our ring rental
  2. minutes
  3. finances
  4. welcome new/returning member, Nancy Lobaki
  5. results of email vote MOTION To match up to $500 funds raised by members for the MHS Walk for Animals.
  6. results of email vote MOTION To form a demo team for the Walk for Animals. (Sat. Sept.
  7. plans for CPE Trial….
      • Thursday equipment loading, Friday setup, and Sunday loading/unloading
      • update on entries
      • workers
      • other details
  8. shelter dog award sponsored by Linda Guinane
  9. remembrance of Kitty Arsenault….Spirit of Agility Award, MHS memorial paw
  10. new business