Agility Equip for Sale at Annual Meeting

CATS has the following equipment available for sale.  These fine items will be auctioned at the Annual Meeting on January 8, 2012.


  • MAD Agility Dogwalk, needs painting all sandpaint ground off
  • Aframe kit, unpainted, unfinished, plywood, slatted
  • (2) sets of (6) 21″ weave poles, white base w/anti-skid tape
  • wooden dog bone jump handcrafted by Mark Wirant
  • Do-It- Yourself wooden, painted, contact trainer, slatted (small, can fit indoors)
  • (2) sets of 6-weave pole wires 
  • (2) C PE tires (no frame)

To view videos of the equipment listed above, click here. Plan to arrange pick-up of the equipment at a later time and date. The equipment will NOT be at the annual meeting.