CATS Memorial & Welcome Ceremony — Saturday, February 11, 2:30 p.m.

To celebrate tDogs Leave Pawprints on our Heartshe lives we share with our beloved dogs, CATS members will come together on February 11 to spend an afternoon remembering the dogs who crossed the rainbow bridge in 2011 and playing with the dogs who grace our lives in 2012.  While it will be a remembrance of things past, this will also be a day to make new beginnings, so we will take time to welcome our newest members, as well.





Please mark your calendars, and make a space in your life to join your fellow club members for a special afternoon. 

The afternoon will begin with a memorial, led by Paul Gibbons,  for the dogs who passed away in 2011. We will proceed to an introduction of new members.  After a toast, offered by Heidi Konesko, we will share food and drinks in the Community Room while those who choose may take a turn running an agility course that will be set in the Training Center.

Please plan to bring some kind of “finger food” to share.

If you have a dog being remembered on this day, we would love to have you share a photo and/or a story about your departed friend.  This is a day to give voice to what needs to be said.


Other details:

MHS will be open Saturday February 11th at 2pm for set-up and organization
2:30pm will be the start of the actual ceremony in the Community Room … Bench will be set up under Kitty’s CATS Paw … Paul will be Master of Ceremonies and Heidi will make the toast
Food: members will be asked to bring “finger foods” like snacks, small sandwiches, veggie/fruit plates or desserts
Training Center …  Diane & Heidi have been discussing a Nested course for all teams to enjoy
“In Person” introduction of new members and their dogs
Pfoot will have her camera to take photos to capture the event.  Other cameras welcome!  (Leslie Vassal  requests: is anyone able to videotape?)