CATS Members-Only Seminar – with Terri Cesarek

Preliminary Information about the upcoming seminar.  Only CATS Members may attend.  Please be sure to send in your 2012 membership form A.S.A.P.

Seminar Registration will open later this week. Make sure you are on the “Get CATS News to your Email” so you will get the news when registration opens.

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SATURDAY, March 17, 2012

Wait Where? 2-on/2-off Contacts: 8-12: Help your dog really understand the job of the contact by becoming crystal clear about your criteria. When our dogs understand their job they are much happier and so are we.

Weaving Wonders: 1-5: Entries and exits that allow for a more independent performance. We will work round the clock entries, rear crossing the poles, front/blind crossing exits and moving lateral from the poles. Working dogs should be consistently able to weave.

Puppy Workshop: 5:30-7:30 Puppy workshop will cover beginning foundation skills to start them off on the right paw. This workshop will be tailored to meet the average age of the puppies.

SUNDAY, March 18, 2012

Get Every Pole: 8-12: Speed and Consistency—build enthusiasm and drive in the weave poles. Come away from this session with lots of ideas to help turn your dog into a weav-a-holic. Working dogs should have some familiarity with weave poles.

Handling Skills: 1-5: Short sequences reviewing the skills needed for both dog and handler to achieve consistent teamwork. These are drills I regularly do with both my dogs that have their ADCHs to keep us tuned up. Good for any level dog that is sequencing jumps and tunnels.

Other stuff you need to know:

There will be maximum 8 working slots ($25) available for each session plus unlimited auditors ($10.) Working slot means one handler and one dog. Terri notes that sessions are progressive, so swapping between dogs in a session will be counterproductive to you and your dogs. Plan to learn the skills with one dog at the seminar and bring what you learn to your other dog after the seminar.
If you are signing up for more working slots in multiple sessions, please indicate your 1st choice interest in case we need to bump you to an auditing slot for one of your choices. If you wish to sign up multiple working sessions and we don’t have room, we will automatically assign you an auditor slot, which you may, of course, decline.