Opportunity Knocks: Join a CATS Committee

Spring is a great time to join a CATS Committee! Committee work is the nuts and bolts of what keeps our club running. So ask yourself, what benefits does the club provide that you most appreciate—and please get involved in making that happen.

If you love our equipment, please join the Equipment committee and get involved in taking care of our most valuable assetts. If you love get-togethers, please join the Social committee and help make our get togethers more fun. If you love getting new-comers started competing, please join the Show n Go committee. If you want CATS to have more speakers or to do more presentations, join the Speakers/Program committee. How about spreading the word about CATS and CATS events?  Join the Publicity Committee. If you’re more of a thinker/reader, please consider our need for a Club Librarian.

Please send an email to our club secretary, Dayle Z, if you would like to volunteer for a committee. If you already volunteered for a committee on your member renewal, relax–she’s got that info. Check the next issue of Cannine Chronicle to make sure you’re signed up for the committees you’ve selected. (Her email address can be found on the member list in the copy of the Cannine Chronicle that comes to your email address. Or contact her through the CATS Yahoo group.)