Members Only: Coached Sessions scheduled so far…

CATS members are invited to attend FREE coached training sessions. (In the event of severe weather, session will be rescheduled)


04/30/12 MON 5:30 Coached Run-Thrus Kim Kennelly

05/07/12 MON 5:30 Steeplechase/Touch & Go Lynn Smitley
Kim Kennelly

05/09/12 WED 5:30 Walking the Walk & Talking the Talk Judy Davis

05/16/12 WED 5:30 Secrets of Snooker Cindy Stewart

05/21/12 MON 5:30 Fear no Wevil Weavers course Heidi Konesko

05/28/12 MON 5:30 Gamblers/distance Lynn Smitley

06/06/12 WED 5:30 Take a Chance on Distance Donna Allen

06/07/12 “Equipment removed for use at CATS trial”

06/25/12 MON 5:30 Take a Chance on Distance Donna Allen

09/14/12 “Equipment removed for use at CATS trial”

Note that sessions will run 1-2 hours depending on participation. We look forward to seeing CATS members drop in for all or part of these sessions.

HELP KEEP THESE SESSIONS GOING……Do you have a training technique you would like to share? Contact the training committee to schedule your Coached training session.

–written by Kim Kennelly