Calling all CPE event workers/Membership meeting cancelled

Hi Everyone,

Because of the CPE event next weekend there will not be a membership meeting on Wed. Sept. 12th.  Please come and help us with moving equipment, setting up and running of the event instead.  Here is an e-mail from Judy with the schedule and what jobs are needed.                Thanks for all your support.



Hi CATS members,

Next weekend (September 14, 15, 16) is our CPE trial. It is a big trial with almost 650 runs on Saturday and just over 600 runs on Sunday! I am preparing the worker schedules for the weekend.

This plea is for those of you not entered in the trial. Could you please check your schedule for next weekend and let me know what block of time (a whole day – or all 3 days even better) you could attend to help? Chris needs 3 people to help her at MHS at 5:00 on Thursday, and the rest of us are meeting at Kitty’s at 5:30. If you can only do one of the times, Thurs. or Sunday, we need more help on Sunday. Please send an email to either Judy or Cindy to let us know where you can help. Thanks for supporting the club that we all love!

Cindy and Leslie will need lots of help with setup on Friday at Wheelock Park. The rings need to be set, the equipment needs to be unloaded from the truck, EZ-Ups need to be set up, and the Show N Go needs to be run! There are many, many jobs to be done, and not all of them involve lifting heavy equipment, so please come and help.

SHOW N GO: If you did not already send a registration form to me for the Show N Go to be held on Friday starting at 2:00 p.m., it’s not too late! You can get the form from Page 2 of the CPE trial premium on the CATS web site ( and I will have forms at the trial to fill out. Come and test your knowledge of handling, AND your dog’s knowledge of the equipment in a trial environment. Great training for the agility team! Remember you can bring toys in the ring! (No food because of the trial happening the following 2 days). How will you use YOUR two minutes in the ring??!!

So please consider coming out to the trial to help your fellow CATS members get ready for our biggest trial of the year. We need you!

Please don’t reply to the list with your responses. Please email either myself ( or Cindy directly. Thank you!!!!

Judy Davis

Worker Coordinator