CATS September 2012 CPE Trial Results

Thank you to everyone who helped make our September 2012 CPE trial such a success! We’ve posted trial results on the CATS website and you can find them by clicking the box below:

click here for trial results
CATS offered two high-scoring awards at this trial. We are pleased to announce the following recipients of the awards, which are sponsored by founding member Linda Guinane and her husband Jim.

  • Denise Corley & Doolin – High Scoring Rescue Dog in Honor of “Bu” Guinane (2nd year in a row!)
  • Barbara Rogers & Ruffian – High Scoring Dog in Honor of “Clydie” the Bulldog

Way to go, Denise and Barbara! And congratulations as well to all the competitors earning titles at the trial:

  • Heidi Shepard and Teabody – Level 2
  • Becky Bronson and Comet – Level 3
  • Steve Conrow and Sophie – Level 4
  • Joyce Jaskula and Bing – Jumpers Champion
  • Wendy Donoghue and Vivi – C-ATCH 13! WOW!
  • Mark Siemonsma and Sancho – Standard Champion
  • Amee Abel and Loki – Standard Level 2
  • Maggie Sergeant and Orion – Level 1
  • Vicki Weaver and PeeAir – C-ATCH
  • Rolanda Dane and Jack – Standard Extraordinaire
  • Bev Lancaster and Bella – C-ATCH 2

Please put these dates on your calendar for 2013 (dates for years beyond 2013 are located here):

  • CATS USDAA Trial – June 7-9, 2013
  • CATS CPE Trial – September 14-15, 2013

Hope to see you all there!