Pumpkin carving Thurs. night

Hi all,

Just a reminder about the activities this week in hopes that you will join us at some point.  Thurs. night at 4:30pm we will be carving the pumpkins that say:  Canine Agility Training Society


We have good food coming and hot cider, bring a dish to share or just come. Please join us because we have 43 to do!!  (Out back by the ring)  (Bring carving tools if you have them.)


If you can’t come on Thurs night then join us on Wed. at 6:30pm to gut pumpkins.  I will set up a few courses in the ring and you can come for a Free Agility Session and in between runs, gut a pumpkin or two!!!  It would really help us with the Thurs. night activities.


I have to deliver the pumpkins to the Central Square tower at 9:00am on Friday.  Dana has offered to help me unload them in the square, but if anyone else is free we would appreciate help.  Give me a call on my cell phone if you can help (603) 357-2307.


Once again I personally want to thank all of you for participating.  Our name (CATS) will look great in the lights on Sat. night.   🙂