CATS NADAC trial premium now available

The premium for our June 29-30 NADAC trial at MHS is now available at 2013 CATS NADAC Trial, where you can also find trial details.

We’re pleased to announce that OneStop Country Pet Supply is donating items for the worker’s raffle and Donna Kelliher Photograghy will be on-site both days of the trial.

A couple of items of particular importance for CATS members:

  • CATS members are entitled to a discounted price of $10/run in return for working two classes each day you attend the trial. To receive the discount, you must submit a worker form (also available at the above link) at the same time as your trial entry.
  • Your dog must be registered with NADAC and be 18 months or older to run in NADAC. Registration is easy at NADAC, where you can submit an online form and immediately receive your dog’s NADAC registration number.

We hope to see you at the trial!