Coached Run Thru – Wednesday October 23 at 5:30

Cindy and Donna have graciously agreed to facilitate another fun night for CATS members to come out and play.

The theme of the night is “pairs.” Cindy and Donna will set a pairs course. Cindy will set up one half of the course in USDAA/CPE style and Donna will set up half in NADAC style. To run pairs, your dog must be safe to be off leash running in the ring with another dog. If your dog is not appropriate for pairs, you will be able to run the course solo. Something for everyone and every dog! A cancellation notice will be sent to the CATS Yahoo group by 2:00 on Wednesday if the weather is a problem.

Cindy will be bringing hot chocolate and tea for us. Feel free to bring a snack or cookies to share with the group.