2013 Title Certificates: Submit Your Titles Earned for the Year by January 2nd

2013 Title Certificates

If you would like to recognize your dog’s accomplishments for the year at the annual meeting, please submit your new titles via the website by January 2, 2014. Time is required to export the data and create the certificates, so last minute entries cannot be accepted. Hopefully you have been entering your titles as they were earned to share your accomplishments with the club!

All titles must be submitted via the online form provided on the CATS website: Submit Your Agility Titles. Please take care to enter your information accurately and to check that all of the fields of the form are accurate. No title information can be accepted by email for title certificates.

If you are not sure if you have submitted a title, you can check the website by going to the View Titles page. Look to the right column of the page for ways to filter the titles displayed either by venue, dog name or handler name.

Get your titles in and get ready to cheer at the annual meeting on January 12th!

Coached Run Thru – Wednesday October 23 at 5:30

Cindy and Donna have graciously agreed to facilitate another fun night for CATS members to come out and play.

The theme of the night is “pairs.” Cindy and Donna will set a pairs course. Cindy will set up one half of the course in USDAA/CPE style and Donna will set up half in NADAC style. To run pairs, your dog must be safe to be off leash running in the ring with another dog. If your dog is not appropriate for pairs, you will be able to run the course solo. Something for everyone and every dog! A cancellation notice will be sent to the CATS Yahoo group by 2:00 on Wednesday if the weather is a problem.

Cindy will be bringing hot chocolate and tea for us. Feel free to bring a snack or cookies to share with the group.

MHS Class in CATS ring: Competition Agility Challenges, Thursday evenings, Instructor Cindy Stewart

MHS will be using the CATS outdoor agility ring for a Competition Agility Challenges class with instructor Cindy Stewart.

The 5-week Competition Agility Challenges class begins Thursday, May 2nd from 6:30-8:00 p.m.
Each class is 90 minutes and will allow sufficient time to work through a difficult course.
This class is open for registration online: http://www.monadpets.org/courses/id_128.html
Class tuition- $125.00
CATS member tuition- $87.50
Drop in may be allowed if there is space for additional people each week.

CATS NADAC trial premium now available

The premium for our June 29-30 NADAC trial at MHS is now available at 2013 CATS NADAC Trial, where you can also find trial details.

We’re pleased to announce that OneStop Country Pet Supply is donating items for the worker’s raffle and Donna Kelliher Photograghy will be on-site both days of the trial.

A couple of items of particular importance for CATS members:

  • CATS members are entitled to a discounted price of $10/run in return for working two classes each day you attend the trial. To receive the discount, you must submit a worker form (also available at the above link) at the same time as your trial entry.
  • Your dog must be registered with NADAC and be 18 months or older to run in NADAC. Registration is easy at NADAC, where you can submit an online form and immediately receive your dog’s NADAC registration number.

We hope to see you at the trial!