NOTE: Same Coached Sessions–Distance Skills, Different Day of the Week!

Interested in improving your DISTANCE skills and having some FUN with your dog? Then save the first four Tuesday nights in August to work on distance skills with Donna Allen. Each week we will work on a different skill set. The following is a tentative schedule:
WEEK #1 on 8/7/2012 will be discrimination at a distance.

WEEK #2 on 8/14/2012 will be lateral distance with layering.

WEEK #3 on 8/21/2012 we will work on using the ‘switch’, and “go on”.

WEEK #4 on 8/28/2012 we will be doing pin wheels and serpentines at a

There will be no charge for these sessions and no commitment to attend all four, although we hope you have so much fun that you will want to be there for all four sessions.

For planning purposes we are asking that you email Donna at before July 20

so we will know how many people and dogs to plan on. Please include the number of dogs you plan to bring. We are asking that the dog be able to work with the handler and is familiar with tunnels, jumps and contacts. If there is enough interest there will be two sessions each night, possibly at different levels. The plan at this time is to start at 6 pm. If you are a little late because of work that will be OK.
Please remember, this is in the planning stage so some things may change.
Also, please remember to let me know as soon as possible what sessions you would like to attend.


June 20 Coached Session –See you there!

Unforeseen circumstances have made it necessary for Trish Dalto to reschedule her turn to coach a session. However, Kim Kennelly will set up something fun from the CPE Nationals for all to enjoy. Come at 5 on Wednesday June 20, 2012 to help set up the course. Be sure to bring plenty of water as hot weather is predicted. Gee…what will it be…Snooker the Judge, Deadly distance Jackpot, or Styling with Standard??????? Come and find out.



Between the CATS USDAA Trial and the CPE Nationals–our June meeting seems like just way too much agility for one month…

Therefore, the Board has decided to ask CATS Members to skip the June meeting. We will meet at our regular time and date in July.

Further, because we do not want to jump to any policy decisions that will not be to the club’s benefit, the Board has decided that for now, we will continue to work on developing a new policy for CATS membership–but while we are developing the new policy, to continue allowing new membership based on the existing new membership policy.

So, things are changing but slowly and with care. Please, if you have thoughts or opinions regarding how we can best expand our membership, share your ideas with the board. Thanks!

See you in July!

Moving for Mowing

The mowing of the agility field will be done the day after the “coached session” from now on. So this week mowing will happen on Thurs. and the equipment will be moved on Wed. night after the coached session by Donna Allen. We ask that anyone who attends Donna’s session please stay around until the end in order to help move the equipment. (Let’s move it to the side closest to the gates for the trial equipment move Thurs. night.) Many hands make for less work!

Thanks for your help. See you all on Wed.


Coached Sessions this week for CATS members at the MHS outdoor training ring:


Don’t forget..

05/07/12 MON 5:30

Steeplechase/Touch & Go

with Lynn Smitley & Kim Kennelly

05/09/12 WED 5:30 Walking the Walk & Talking the Talk

with Judy Davis

Hope to see you there.


—Kim Kennelly

Members Only: Coached Sessions scheduled so far…

CATS members are invited to attend FREE coached training sessions. (In the event of severe weather, session will be rescheduled)


04/30/12 MON 5:30 Coached Run-Thrus Kim Kennelly

05/07/12 MON 5:30 Steeplechase/Touch & Go Lynn Smitley
Kim Kennelly

05/09/12 WED 5:30 Walking the Walk & Talking the Talk Judy Davis

05/16/12 WED 5:30 Secrets of Snooker Cindy Stewart

05/21/12 MON 5:30 Fear no Wevil Weavers course Heidi Konesko

05/28/12 MON 5:30 Gamblers/distance Lynn Smitley

06/06/12 WED 5:30 Take a Chance on Distance Donna Allen

06/07/12 “Equipment removed for use at CATS trial”

06/25/12 MON 5:30 Take a Chance on Distance Donna Allen

09/14/12 “Equipment removed for use at CATS trial”

Note that sessions will run 1-2 hours depending on participation. We look forward to seeing CATS members drop in for all or part of these sessions.

HELP KEEP THESE SESSIONS GOING……Do you have a training technique you would like to share? Contact the training committee to schedule your Coached training session.

–written by Kim Kennelly