Getting Started in Agility Competition

Entering an agility trial for the first time is a natural progression of agility training. The articles offered here are meant to provide the newcomer with ideas of what to expect, and just as importantly, what is expected from you and your canine team member as you get started in competition.

Why Are There So Many Sanctioning Organizations? (PDF)
by Mike Grab
Learn about the different venues and choosing the ones for you and your teammate.

How to Enter the Trial of Your Choice (Or at Leat Make Your Best Try) (PDF)
by Mike Grab
You’ve picked a venue and you want to make your debut at an upcoming event. Filling in the premium is only part of the story.

Tips for Entering Your First Trial (PDF)
by RaeAnne Bunker
Congratulations! You got into the trial of your dreams. Now what? Make a list and check it twice …