CATS Library

The CATS Library contains a collection of dog agility books, magazines and videos available for members to borrow and view. The collection is shelved in the brown wood cabinet located in the large conference room at Monadnock Humane Society. The books are stacked in the lower part of the cabinet with the card catalog box located in front of them. They are filed more or less alphabetically by title.

When borrowing a book, please sign it out on the title card found in the card catalog box. Books may be borrowed for as long as you need to read them. Upon returning them, please fill in the date returned on the title card, and file it back into the box, and re-shelve the book.

Both current and back issues of Clean Run and Dog and Handler are available. Please limit check out time for current issues to two weeks.

Vidoes and DVDs
Videos can be viewed on the VCR and TV located in the conference room. Please limit check out time to one week. Cards are now available in the card catalog.

Please feel free to contact the CATS librarian, Heidi Konesko, by email (email address available in your most recent edition of Canine Chronicle) with any questions about the library and resources in it.

Available Books and DVDs
Anderson, B with Libby, T, Building Blocks for Performance: Give Your Puppy a Head Start for Competition
Bailey, G, The Perfect Puppy
Bledsoe, M, Doggie Bone Cookbook
Booth, S, Purely Positive Training
Buckholt, C, Competing in Agility: Entering Trials and What To Do When You Get There
Buckholt, C, Entering Your First Agility Trial
Canfield, Jack, et al, Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul
Clean Run Productions, Intermediate Agility Workbook
Clothier, S, Your Athletic Dog (pamphlet)
Collins, K, From the Ground Up: Agility Foundation Training for Puppies and Beginner Dogs
Cooper, N, 277 Secrets Your Dogs Wants to Know
Coppinger, R Dogs
Daniels, J, Enjoying Dog Agility
Daniels and Zink, Jumping from A to Z
Dodman, N, The Dog Who Loved Too Much
Donaldson, J, The Culture Clash
Donaldson, J, Dogs Are from Neptune
Duford, D, Agility Tricks
Garber, M, Dog Love
Garrett, S, 2×2 Weave Poles (DVD)
Garrett, S, Ruff Love
Gibbons, D, Mammal Tracks
Grandin, T, Animals in Translation
Haakenstad, M & Thompson, J, Ski Spot Run
Houston, B, Clean Run Book of Agility Games
Jones, D & Keller, J, In Focus: Developing a Working Relationship with Your Performance Dog
Katz, J, The Dogs of Bedlam Farm
Katz, J, The New Work of Dogs
Levenson, B, Flatwork: Foundation for Agility
Masson, J, Dogs Never Lie About Love
McDevitt, Control Unleashed
Milani, M, Body Language and Emotions of Dogs
Milani, M, Dog Smart
Montgomery, Goodbye My Friend
Owens, P, The Dog Whisperer
Parsons, E, Click to Calm: Healing the Aggressive Dog
Pryor, K, A Dog and a Dolphin
Pryor, K, Don’t Shoot the Dog
Pyle, A, Sourcebook of Nested Courses
Rugaas, T, On Talking Terms with Dogs
Siegal and Margolis, I Just Got a Puppy: What Do I Do?
Simmons-Moake, J, Agility Training
Thomas, E, The Social Lives of Dogs
Volhard & Fisher, Training Your Dog
WAO Team USA, Team USA 2012 World Agility Open Dream Team E-Book (includes articles, drills, courses)
Wilkes, G, On Target
Winokur, Jon (ed.), Mondo Canine