2013 USDAA Titles: Bingo

handled by Chris Frado

  • Masters Performance Dog
  • Performance Dog Champion
  • Performance Jumper Champion Bronze
  • Performance Tournament Master
  • Performance Jumper Champion Silver
  • Performance Snooker Champion Bronze
  • Performance Relay Champion Bronze
  • Performance Tournament Champion Bronze
  • Performance Standard Champion
  • Performance Snooker Champion-Silver
  • Performance Snooker Champion-Gold
  • Performance Gamblers Champion
  • Performance Jumpers Champion-Gold
  • Performance Standard Master
  • Performance Tournament Master-Bronze
  • Top Ten Performance Standard #2
  • Top Ten Performane Snooker #3
  • Top Ten Performance Jumpers #6

2011 USDAA Titles: Snoop Doggy Dogg

Snoop Doggy Dogg
handled by

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Chris Frado

  • Masters Performance Dog
  • Performance Snooker Champion
  • Performance Relay Champion