Guidelines for Indoor Training Center Usage

CATS Usage MHS Arena Winter/Spring 2021

  1. CATS has use of the MHS indoor arena the following days and times:  Thursday 7am – 10 am and Saturday 4pm – 9 pm.  We need to have things completely cleaned up and be out the door by the end of our usage time, because someone else probably has it rented starting at that time, so, plan accordingly!  Suggestions: set an alarm, put the big stuff away early and finish up with just jumps and hoops, start cleaning up 10 minutes before the end. 
  2. Please do not enter the arena before the start of CATS’ time.  It’s disturbing to the classes or people who are using it.  No matter if they are polite about it, just don’t.
  3. Do not enter the shelter from the arena after the shelter staff lock up for the night and before they open it up in the morning, so that you don’t set off the alarm. This means no bathroom usage and no visiting the CATS file cabinet and library in the Community Room during that time.
  4. Return equipment to the same spot it was in when you arrived and adjust contacts back to original heights. This is very important for the MHS instructors, who have to move equipment by themselves. 
  5. Please let the CATS equipment committee or BOD know about any damaged equipment asap.
  6. Do not drag tunnels or tunnel bags, it wears the material. There is a small wheeled cart for moving heavy items. or tunnel bags.
  7. Please leave the arena neat and clean, trash disposed of and lights turned off.
  8. Alcohol is not allowed on the MHS premises without express permission from MHS.
  9. Currently, COVID dictates mandatory mask usage anywhere inside MHS, including the training center. 
  10. CATS members may reserve practice time on the calendar in Google Sheets. The link is below. You must be a CATS Advanced Handler, or have one with you, supervising equipment handling, setup, and usage.  Refer to the current CATS membership list for advanced handler designation.
  11. If you would like to share time with someone, please communicate directly with that person ahead of time to make comfortable arrangements for you and your dogs.
  12. Please notify the CATS Google group if you cancel your arena reservation so that someone else can use the time.