Outdoor Ring Calendar

CATS has a fully fenced, gated, and lit, 100′ x 100′ outdoor ring adjacent to the Monadnock Humane Society building, in the back alongside the Training Center and the Doggy Daycare. The Ring is available for use by all CATS members as a benefit of membership. CATS owns a complete set of competition equipment for multiple agility venues: CPE, NADAC, and USDAA as well as assorted pieces of training equipment. The Ring is used by both CATS and MHS instructors for agility classes.

Additionally the Ring is home to most of our CATS Trials (June-USDAA; August-NADAC; September-CPE; and October-USDAA). For up-to-date information about our trials, including our indoor March-CPE trial at American K9 Country in Amherst, NH see our Trial pages on this site.

Here is the link to our calendar: Outdoor Ring Calendar

Big thank you to member Lynn Smitley who maintains our Ring Calendar.