Board of Directors

At the Annual Meeting held January 2023 it was agreed that the Board would be reduced in size to 7 members. As Directors’ terms expire the Board will be downsizing. During 2023 there are 8 Directors.

2023 Officers

Cindy Stewart

Vice President
Cindy Schimelfenig

Anne Driscoll (replaced Dayle Reynolds elected 2022)

Heidi Konesko


Jill Derby, Nancy Hoffman, Chris Wentworth, Anne Driscoll

Term Expires in 2023
  • Cindy Schimelfenig (second election 2021)
  • Jill Derby (appointed 8/22 to serve out term)
  • Nancy Hoffman (first elected 2021)
Term Expires in 2024
  • Cindy Stewart (second election 2019; re-elected 2022)
  • Heidi Konesko (replaced Jo-Ann Gerde during 2020; elected 2022)
Term Expires in 2025
  • Chris Wentworth (first elected 2020; reelected 2023)
  • Anne Driscoll replaced Dayle Reynolds 2023)