2020 CATS Membership Renewal rev2020-03-13

2020 CATS Membership Application rev2020-05-28 (1)

Did you know that anyone can join the Canine Agility Training Society? Annual membership dues are $60. Club members are encouraged to help keep the club vibrant by joining a committee and volunteering to help at CATS-sponsored agility trials and other club events. Member benefits include:

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  • Be part of an active, engaged club of canine agility enthusiasts, both seasoned and new to the sport.
  • Discount on CATS-sponsored dog agility classes and seminars.
  • Discount on Monadnock Humane Society agility classes.
  • Discount on entry fees for CATS-sponsored agility trials in exchange for work.
  • Use of the CATS agility training equipment (requires member be identified as, or be supervised by, an advanced handler; advanced handler status is determined by the Training Committee).
  • Free access to run-thrus, occasional courses set up by member agility instructors and advanced handlers.
  • Access to the club library.
  • Access to CATS online discussion forum.
  • Attend CATS social functions, such as the annual meeting and dinner.
  • Vote on club business (must be 16 or older).
  • Eligible to become an officer of the CATS Board (must be 18 or older).