Training Opportunities & Seminars

Laura Dolan Seminar in 4 Sessions May 20-21, 2023

Outdoors on the CATS grass, fully-fenced & gated Agility Ring

Each Session is 4 hours • $160 Working Spot, 8 spots • Audit $50/session

REGISTRATION Registrations close: April 17. Registration opened March 27 for the greater agility community. CATS Members were given priority registration earlier. Click here for the registration form and document with all the information below.


Session A:   Blinds, Backsides, Wraps & Threadles 

This session is for more experienced teams to help provide a stronger foundation for these course challenges. Sequences will test your handling choices and Laura will offer input for improving your timing, cues, and execution of turns.

Session B:   Finding & Running the Most Efficient Line

For any handler who wants a better understanding of setting the line for the dog and allowing the handler to fluidly move to the next handling position on course. Some theory will be presented making the session appropriate for those without prior understanding of the concepts. Dogs will be running full jumpers course.


Session C:    Novice Dog Tune-Up

This session will help strengthen your teamwork with your novice dog as well as improve your dog’s individual obstacle performance. Not geared for puppies nor is it presenting foundation work. Dogs to be comfortable running sequences with contact equipment.

Session D:     Agility Foundations for Beginner Dogs

Specifically for dogs still progressing through foundation skills. Laura will assist you and your dog in establishing cues for deceleration & acceleration; rehearsing your start-line setups & lead-outs; and comfortably working/handling on either side. Some contacts, low jumps, and tunnels may be used dependent on the collective skills of the group.

Laura Dolan

Is a wonderfully skilled trainer who helps find the best in each dog & handler. She teaches classes for American K9 Country, Agility Rush K9 Performance Center, and Gemini Dogs as well as holds seminars. Laura began her agility career more than 20 years ago. She competes in AKC, UKI, and USDAA and has won multiple National Titles in those organizations. Internationally she has represented the US competing at the European Open and multiple Agility World Competitions. Her own dogs have included Shelties, a Border Collie, and most recently Miniature Poodles. Laura’s philosophy on agility training emphasizes: bringing out the best in every dog; solving the puzzle to find their inner superstar; and enjoying every moment with them. She will push each team to be the best that they can be. Laura reminds handlers that both you and your dogs are athletes. So, prepare them for their athletic job and you do the same!

CANCELATION POLICY Seminar will be held Rain or Shine with no refunds issued. If you are able to sell your spot to another handler, substitutions will be allowed.