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Vendor Policy

Please check the appropriate trial premium for the latest information.

CATS requires vendors to be pre-registered so that the event planners can anticipate space and access requirements. The vendor contact is listed in the trial premium or you may contact the Trial Chairperson.

Workers Raffle
The only “fee” associated with vending at CATS events is that we ask for the vendors to support the worker raffle by contributing a gift(s) with a value of $25 for each day of the event. Please place a business card or tag identifying your business on the gift. A trial cannot happen without our great volunteers, and handlers are given raffle tickets as a reward for working the classes at the trial.

Food Vendors
CATS tries to arrange for one human food vendor at trials that will provide trial worker lunches.  If you would like to be the food vendor at a future trial, contact the Trial Chairperson for the trial you are interested in attending.

Exclusive Access
CATS does not offer “exclusive” access to any vendor for services or merchandise. Any vendor is welcome.

For Trials at Monadnock Humane Society
Under no circumstances is electricity available for vendors. Overnight security is not provided. All merchandise and equipment left on the premises is the responsibility of the owner.