Joining the club’s e-group

To join the club’s Yahoo group and properly set up your profile for club administration, please take the following steps. If you run into any difficulty, Heidi Konesko can assist you.

  1. Visit Yahoo and register for a free account on this page. Please note: It is very helpful for club administration if you choose a username that includes your real name in it, so we can recognize you on the club e-group list.
  2. Next, visit canineagility and click the “Join This Group” button.
  3. Under “Email Address,” choose or add the email address at which you want to receive club news. It is important that you join the group with an email address you regularly use (you may update your address at any time in the future).
  4. Under “Message Delivery,” choose your preference. We encourage you to choose “Daily Digest” or more frequent so that you do not miss out on time-sensitive club announcements (such as seminar registrations opening up).
  5. Fill in remaining sections using instructions on the screen, then click “Join.”
  6. After the group moderator adds you to the list, we encourage you to introduce yourself to the group.